Let’s Buy a House!

  1. Choose a lender and get pre-approved
  2. Settle in on a price range
  3. Select search area or a limited number of neighborhoods to search
  4. Learn about the neighborhoods
  5. Create wish list ? must haves vs. want
  6. Determine when you would like to close, typically 1-2 months after offer
  7. Tour homes and take good notes
  8. Write offer, negotiate details
  9. Choose an inspector and conduct an inspection on home
  10. Negotiate handling any major defects
  11. Satisfy remaining contingencies:testing, appraisal, financing, etc.
  12. Schedule closing, review title work and preliminary HUD statement
  13. Closing
  1. Check their status on Department of Regulations and Licensing website https://licensesearch.wi.gov/
  2. Are they insured?
  3. Will they inspect the things you want inspected? Pool? Outbuilding? foor and attic? Etc.
  4. Will they conduct a follow-up inspection at pre-closing walk-thru?
  5. How much do they charge?
  6. What are their areas of special knowledge?
  7. What is their availability to inspect?
  8. How quickly will you get a report and in what format?
  9. Are there any extra services offered?
  10. How do they stand behind their inspection?
  1. Your interests come first.
  2. The contract protects you and motivates the buyer agent.
  3. There need not be any additional out-of-pocket costs to you.
  4. A buyer agent is free to offer opinions, and ALL relevant information, whether for or against a particular property.
  5. A buyer agent should offer a thoughtful and reasoned price analysis.
  6. You get the full benefit of the agent's experience in negotiating the offer to purchase working out contingencies that best serve your needs, and charting a course to a closing that is successful and beneficial to you.
  7. Your buyer agent should keep track of properties for you, monitor contingencies and contract deadlines, and help with recommendation on contractors, inspectors, lenders, etc.
  8. Your buyer agent should be responsive to you when you call or email.

The actual amounts may be affected by several variables, but the following list is a reasonable start to adding up the costs of selling a home.

  1. Inspection - $400-500
  2. Radon Testing - $100-150
  3. Lenders policy of title insurance - $375
  4. Closing fee - $400
  5. Appraisal - $375
  6. Loan application and other lender fees - up to $400 -500
  7. Prepaid interest - depends upon loan amount and date of the closing, but it is the amount of interest on the loan from closing date to the end of the month.
  8. Homeowners insurance - $630 on avg.
  9. Recording fees - $30 per document recorded
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